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(via Nutella chocolate mug cakes | Kirbie’s Cravings | A San Diego food blog)

I came across the idea of a chocolate mug cake a while ago, but didn’t try them because I worried they’d come out chalky, and who wants a chalky chocolate cake? But this recipe adds Nutella, which I think would go a good way towards making the cake more moist. Everything else on the ingredients list you can find easily around the kitchen. 

So I’m trying this tonight after dinner. Honestly, this sounds like it might open a very, very dangerous door for me. Good thing I already did my time on the treadmill today. 

Update with thoughts on the experiment: 

  • Split batter into two cups. Makes two normal-sized cakes, instead of one ginormous-sized one. Share with friend. 
  • Add chocolate baking chips - or even better, Andes mint baking chips - for more texture fun. 
  • Whipped cream??
  • Anyway I’m definitely gonna perfect this thing. Chocolate cake in 5 minutes, you will be mine