a matter of infinite hope

A 3L stumbling into adulthood. Delights in hot tea, books of all shapes and sizes, film photography, oil paintings, and the kindness of strangers.

The top image is (c) me, taken in Grand Teton, Wyoming.

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Intake Area, Moe’s Books in Berkeley (by CT Young)

I miss Moe’s Books. I still have a couple of bookmarks from them lying around - I used to grab a few every time I purchased something (which was all too frequently). I miss sitting in the cool darkness of Cafe Milano, and the weird smell that always hung around Telegraph Avenue, and buying a bagel at Noah’s on the way to class, and walking so far down Telegraph that the buzz of people slowed to a soft hum.

I miss the way the sun always shone too bright whenever I stepped out of Moe’s.