a matter of infinite hope

A 2L stumbling into adulthood. Delights in hot tea, books of all shapes and sizes, film photography, oil paintings, and the kindness of strangers.

The top image is (c) me, taken in Grand Teton, Wyoming.

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Conversation with a friend.

Just remember: when you’re feeling miserable and it’s 4 am and your eyes are blurring, your client faces likely deportation or incarceration (or both!), and probably feels worse. 

Work hard. Then work harder. 

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I’m in love with your honor


Wind from the sea / Andrew Wyeth, 1947

Indeed, it is Fallada, said Mrs. Bubis. When they turned, Pelletier and Espinoza saw an older woman in a white blouse and black skirt, a woman with a figure like Marlene Dietrich, as Pelletier would say much later, a woman who despite her years was still as strong willed as ever, a woman who didn’t cling to the edge of the abyss but plunged into it with curiosity and elegance. A woman who plunged into the abyss sitting down.
2666, Roberto Bolano


Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, California, United States

So excited. Going in August. 

The conservatory garden, central park.

Walking home is my favorite part of the day.

The Greek word for “return” is nostos. Algos means “suffering.” So nostalgia is the suffering caused by an unappeased yearning to return…. In that etymological light nostalgia seems something like the pain of ignorance, of not knowing. “You are far away, and I don’t know what has become of you.”
Ignorance, Milan Kundera
He was like a salutary tonic; with him, she could only inhabit a higher level of goodness.
Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie